Willits Chamber Membership Value Calculator

Would you like to place a specific dollar value on your chamber membership to your business? Answer the following questions. Be honest. We will NOT record the answers - this is purely a worksheet for your benefit. Experiment and in the end you will have a specific total value - and maybe some ideas about how you can increase it. For example the higher the value the higher your profit will be.

None of these answers will be recorded in any way. Only you can know what you enter here and know your own bottom line. Please note that we cannot be responsible for how you use this calculator.

What is the monetary value of one new customer to your business over the course of one year?


How many prospects for your business might you expect to contact through active participation in a single chamber event attended by 50--200 other members and their employees?

What is your business's prospect conversion rate? (What percentage of the propects that you offer your business to actually become new customers?
List as a decimal, i.e. .25 means one prospect out of four becomes a new customer; .33 means one in three, etc.)

How many times each year do you or your employees attend, or would you expect to attend monthly after-hours business mixers, power breakfasts, luncheons, the annual golf tournament, and/or similar events?

What value to your business or business decisions would you place on each of the following?

Solutions to business problems you get from someone you know through Chamber activities?

The Chamber’s advice on complicated issues?

Chamber sponsored business seminars you or your employees attend on topics such as marketing your business, avoiding tax liabilities, how to avoid lawsuits, etc.?

Information from the Chamber Newsletter?

Information from the chamber’s weekly e-mail updates?

The directory of member businesses?

The value of the Chamber website business directory (Which receives Three to Four thousands of hits annually.) for your business?

Now, press the Compute button to calculate the potential value of Chamber membership for your business.

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